There are may be various reasons that strength training isn’t currently a high priority within your fitness program. Maybe you don’t think you have enough time. Maybe you don’t enjoy it. Maybe you don’t know how to get started.

Whatever it is, here are some more reasons–reasons you can’t afford NOT to strength train.

1. Your joints need conditioning.

The cartilage that lines our joints is largely avascular. This means that there is little or no blood flow into or out of the joint. In order for a joint to perform and articulate at its optimal capacity, it must be taken through its available ranges of motion. Through loading and moving a joint we lubricate the cartilage and connective tissue with synovial fluid, keeping the joint and associated tissues healthy.

2. Soft tissue isn’t that soft.

Strength training is critical to maintaining the integrity of the soft connective tissues that fuse muscle to bone and bone to bone. Just like all other tissues in the body, soft tissue responds advantageously to weight training. Through loading your body, you can increase the diameter and cell count of the various ligaments and tendons throughout your body. The maintenance and development of these tissues ensures that the skeletal and neuromuscular system can move through space efficiently and effectively. Through the strengthening of these structures we can optimize human movement and greatly reduce the risk on injury.

3. Bones crave density.

There are volumes of research showing that strength training greatly increases bone density. Bone is very much alive and responsive to imposed demands.   The greater your bone mineral density, the stronger and more resilient your skeletal system becomes. This promotes good postural control and structural efficiency. Strength training has been demonstrated to diminish the effects of osteopenia, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis.

4.  It does your brain good.

It has been demonstrated that individuals who routinely engage in some form of strength training have a much higher degree of self efficacy.  Strength training inherently promotes BEING stronger. When you are stronger you FEEL stronger, and become more confident. We also know that it enhances circulation and blood flow to the brain. More blood flow to the brain means that we will have heightened awareness and greater capacity to focus and concentrate. It has been well established that there is a positive correlation between exercise and high scores on a multitude of standardized tests.

5.  It promotes weight loss.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption) remains elevated for protracted periods of time after a strenuous strength training session. This means the calorie burn following a weight session is much higher than it would be otherwise. You will be wasting calories far after the session has ended. Over the course of time, weight training increases one’s metabolic rate. This causes an additional 15-20% of caloric burn per day. On a 2000-calorie diet, this can lead to an increased 300-400 calories expended each day…just by virtue of engaging in a resistance training program.

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