Aerobic conditioning supports the healthy and normal functioning of our bodies in every way. It is the perfect partner of strength training across all lines. We cannot discuss health and wellness without addressing the aerobic component.

Here are four benefits of aerobic conditioning:

1)  Look Leaner

Who doesn’t want to look better? Aerobic exercise gives you a leaner figure. Typically, aerobic protocols require steady and continuous movement. This leads to sustained caloric expenditure, an advantage over strength training, which is intermittent and involves periods of relief.  Periods of relief and recovery involve less total caloric expenditure. 

With the proper application of aerobic exercise you can completely alter your body’s composition, for the better. 

2) A Heart That’s Strong and Built to Last

Aerobic conditioning greatly increases the heart’s capacity to perform work. Through aerobic exercise we can dramatically decrease our resting heart rate and reduce high blood pressure.  Cardio-vascular exercise thickens the arterial walls, allowing them to carry more blood, more quickly to the rest of the body. This keeps our cells and tissues healthier. Just like any muscle, the heart actually grows bigger to support improved functioning. A well-conditioned heart is the engine that drives a healthy body. By conditioning ourselves aerobically, we greatly decrease the risk of many forms of cancer and heart disease, as well as health problems associated with high blood pressure.

3) Better Brain

Several researchers have found that aerobic conditioning results in a higher maximal oxygen uptake (the total amount of oxygen that can be used at the cellular level for the entire body). This has been positively correlated with increased blood flow, and oxygen uptake to the tissues and neurons of the brain, thus, improving focus and mental acuity. It helps to combat the onset of Alzheimer’s in the elderly, and improve normal healthy brain function across all populations.

4) Lungs of Steel

Our lungs are designed to oxygenate the blood, and remove metabolic waste and CO2 through respiration. This keeps our tissues young, healthy, and vital.   Our diaphragm is the “pump” that supports the contraction and expansion of the lungs. 

Cardio respiratory conditioning enhances the body’s ability to remove CO2 and other harmful metabolic waste more effectively. Aerobically trained individuals have been shown to have virtually no “dead space” in the lungs. This means that all of the tissues and structural components of the lungs are functional – a stark contrast to untrained individuals, some of whom have been shown to have 40% of their lungs existing as dead space.

Want to discuss how we can design a fitness program for you that incorporates the benefits of aerobic conditioning as well as strength training? Contact me.

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