3 Keys to Getting What You Want Out of Life

1. Have a Vision

imagesCASXPC54Seeing yourself as you want to be is the key to personal growth.
Without a sense of vision, life is empty and meaningless. A well-developed person has a keen sense of who they want to become. Our hopes and dreams provide a sense of purpose and meaning to our existence. They are the driving forces behind every accomplishment. Without a sense of direction we lose our sense of self. I will never forget the day I regained purpose and vision for my life. Until that day I was lost and hopeless.

We must continually evaluate who we are now in contrast with the concept of our ideal self. Life is an ongoing process of closing the gap between your current self and your ideal self. It is necessary to frequently question the value of our existence. If we are not continually evaluating ourselves we become stagnant. Read More

The Greatest True Story: A Lesson from Manny Pacqiao

The Epic of Manny Pacquiao:

A self-made man, Manny Paquiao currently holds 8 world titles in boxing. Those 8 titles are in 7 different divisions. He has won championships from 105lbs-148lbs, a feat no other boxer has ever accomplished, ever. Many analysts consider him the greatest fighter ever. He is ambidextrous. He hits as hard with his left as he does with his right. Manny fights without relent. We may never see a more severe or forceful fighter in the ring again. He is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. Yet, none of that is what makes his story so extraordinary. What makes Manny’s story so amazing is how it began. You see, Manny lifted himself out of abject poverty and homelessness to become, perhaps, the greatest fighter ever. Read More

An Introduction to the Bioenergetic Continuum

The human body utilizes 3 major energy systems to perform work: the phosphagen system, the glycolytic system, and the oxidative (aerobic) system. You must understand that none of these systems operate independently from one another. When you are running a marathon the primary system is oxidative, but all systems are being used to some degree. On the other hand, olympic lifters rely primarily on the phosphagen system, but recruit the glycolytic and aerobic pathways as well. Our energy systems exist on a spectrum known as the “Bioenergetic Continuum”. A well-developed athlete is efficient at accessing all these systems when training and racing. Read More

The Benefits of Aerobic Conditioning

Aerobic conditioning supports the healthy and normal functioning of our bodies in every way. It is the perfect partner of strength training across all lines. We cannot discuss health and wellness without addressing the aerobic component.

Here are four benefits of aerobic conditioning: Read More

5 Reasons You Can’t Afford NOT to Strength Train

There are may be various reasons that strength training isn’t currently a high priority within your fitness program. Maybe you don’t think you have enough time. Maybe you don’t enjoy it. Maybe you don’t know how to get started.

Whatever it is, here are some more reasons–reasons you can’t afford NOT to strength train. Read More

On Gratitude

I used to be a waste of space. Each day ran into the next, and they were all worthless and futile. As I look back on those days, it’s hard to believe that some of those things actually happened. From time to time, I am presented with a very real and vivid reminder that my former life was real. It all comes back to me when I need to obtain a travel permit from my probation officer. The trip through security at the courthouse brings it home.  Read More

Nutrition: Boiled Down to the Facts

As a topic, nutrition is often confounded. Authors often make it far more complex than it needs to be. Still, solid nutrition is an absolute necessity in the pursuit of success in any segment of your life. Nutrition provides the human organism with nourishment, energy, thought, feeling, and recovery. It is also the primary component involved in altering body composition in any way. Whenever we are thinking about or discussing making changes in our lives, we must examine our relationship with food. Read More