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An Introduction to the Bioenergetic Continuum

The human body utilizes 3 major energy systems to perform work: the phosphagen system, the glycolytic system, and the oxidative (aerobic) system. You must understand that none of these systems operate independently from one another. When you are running a marathon the primary system is oxidative, but all systems are being used to some degree. On the other hand, olympic lifters rely primarily on the phosphagen system, but recruit the glycolytic and aerobic pathways as well. Our energy systems exist on a spectrum known as the “Bioenergetic Continuum”. A well-developed athlete is efficient at accessing all these systems when training and racing. Read More

The Benefits of Aerobic Conditioning

Aerobic conditioning supports the healthy and normal functioning of our bodies in every way. It is the perfect partner of strength training across all lines. We cannot discuss health and wellness without addressing the aerobic component.

Here are four benefits of aerobic conditioning: Read More