Race Results

My first Ironman took me over 11 hours to finish. I have come a long way since then, having finished as one of the top age group athletes at many Ironman races. I see my race results as an illustration of inflection points in my racing career and my athletic development. A list of race results from any athlete shows that progression is not always linear—we all have setbacks. Yet, a list of race results can also show that anybody is trainable. The human organism is resilient and capable of things we may never have imagined when we first started.

The goal in racing, as in life, is progression. I believe progress is the outcome of sound strategy combined with immense work and devotion. I look forward to a breakthrough season as an athlete this year and beyond.

Ironman Texas, 2013

9:14, 20th Overall. 105 degrees on the marathon made it tough and put me in “survival mode”, but in the end I was able to qualify for Kona for the fourth year in a row and PR in brutal conditions.

70.3 New Orleans, 2013

4:12, a PR to this point. I ran 1:23, despite having to stop and slide my ankle back into its joint partway through the half marathon, and limp across the line. It was a good day for me all around, and a long-awaited breakthrough on the run!

Ironman World Championships, 2012

9:36, 125th overall. Tons of room to improve on the run. The bike was solid. I am figuring it out slowly. All else went well. I set my sights on the podium for next year.

70.3 World Championships, 2012

4:37, 80th overall. 9th in Age Group. It was a slow run relative to training times, indicating a need to evaluate and adjust training.

Boulder Peak Triathlon (first short course ever), 2012

2:08, at altitude.  Had a mechanical, but still rode well. Ran a 6:00 pace off the bike and remembered it was fun to race. I had a ton of fun on this day.

Racine 70.3, 2012

4:23, 16th overall. A decent day on a hot run. Raced in the middle of a training block, but it was good prep for Vegas and Kona.

Ironman Texas, 2012

9:30. Was a slog on the run, and was not prepared the way I should have been. Still, I snuck into my slot for Kona, and set an Ironman PR by 4 minutes.

Ironman World Championships, 2011

10:13, my slowest Ironman in years. Some days, it seems we move backwards or stall. I had two flats on the day and only one spare. Ran the last mile into T2 with bike in tow. Wanted to quit and couldn’t leave the bike behind and just run. I was mentally stuck after that, and just drug the entire thing with me out onto the run. It was a deflating day, but plenty of lessons learned.

Gator Half Ironman March, 2011

4:16, 3rd overall

Ironman World Championships, 2010

10:07 overall, and though it was a rough day for me, it was huge that I was there, and it set the stage for wanting redemption in 2011…

Harvest Moon Half Ironman, 2010

Kona prep race, I went 4:14. It was the first day back after my dad passed away.

Wisconsin Ironman, 2009

At the 2010 Wisconsin Ironman, I placed 19th overall with a time of 9:34, and QUALIFIED FOR KONA at last. I ran 3:20 flat on the marathon here. This was my best race ever, especially just coming off Ironman Couer d’Alene and missing Kona there due to a poor transition and a slow ride.

Ironman Couer d’Alene, 2009

Total time of 9;37. My bike was slow, and the bike to run transition took almost 8 minutes. Both those factors cost me a spot to Kona. It was a frustrating experience. I had a PR on the run 3:16, and a poor bike and poor run cost me my spot. But, I didn’t give up.

Disney 70.3, 2009

I won my age group with a time of 4:27.

5430 (Boulder) Long Course Half Ironman, 2009

I finished 18th overall with a time of 4:18.

The Great Floridian Ironman Distance Race, 2008

Third overall finish. Total time was 9:38. Was the hottest day I have known.

Wildflower Triathlon, 2008

At the 2008 Wildflower Triathlon, I won my age group, finishing the long course in 4:33.

Ironman Wisconsin, 2006

Total time was 10:33:13. A tough, rainy windy day. Was still trying to figure everything out. This race taught me volumes about the importance of nutrition and fueling. 

Vineman Full Ironman, 2005

First Ironman distance race. Just a few months after my first half Ironman. Had been a free man for almost 6 months. Total time 11:14:16.

Pacific Crest Half Ironman distance, 2005

This was my first race. It was really tough on me. I remember wondering how I would ever finish an Ironman as I was walking part of the course and cramping. It never occurred to me that cramps could be so severe. Total time 5:08.