Client Stories: Jim


“I would recommend Shane to anyone that has a serious interest in becoming more fit. Shane started training me two years ago when I finished cancer treatment.

I had been through eight  months of Chemo and radiation treatment and could not walk around the block. The first time I tried to walk after treatment I had to have my wife go back and get the car, I just could not make it.

I had lost 50 pounds during treatment and most of that was muscle mass.  OK, I lost about 15 lbs of fat as well, but at 6’3” and 210 lbs I was not that over weight.

Shane took the time to adjust a schedule for me that allowed me to workout lightly for an hour (with some rest breaks) and after two years I gained back 30 lbs, and can now run over six miles in under one hour.

Shane changed my life, he gave me back the ability to bike, hike, run and enjoy a normal life. I often wonder, what my life would be like if I had not had his patient training and constant supervision. I’ll never know that answer, but I am sure I would not have come this far, and certainly not made the transition as easily if I had not had Shane in my corner during this adventure, Thanks Buddy!”

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