Client Stories: Keith



“Well to start off simple we could start from the beginning when I first realized there was a problem. Not only I was noticing it but my family was too. I was 15 years old when I first got a gym membership in the summer of 2005. After a few months of checking out the gym, going occasionally and having no idea what I was doing, a gentleman by the name of Shane gave me a call. He was a personal trainer who was looking to give me what is called a Fitness Assessment or “fit” for short. My dad and I went together, and Shane walked my dad and I through a series of exercises to test our physical ability. Needless to say, I was not very physically fit at all. At the end, Shane took my Body Mass Index to see where I was. I weighed 330 lbs and had a body fat percentage that was through the roof. Something had to change.

At the end of the fit, Shane asked if I would want personal training. I said no. my dad said he would pay for it. I said no, it will be to hard. Shane said “why don’t you?”, I replied “I don’t want to fail. Shane said calmly something along the lines of “failure can only come by not trying.” I said “ok, then I want to train with you.” So I did. Shane began to help me shape myself down. As time went on, Shane and I brought my body fat down and my muscle up. My strength improved and I saw results.

I would often give no credit to myself and all to Shane, but Shane was often resilient to say “It’s all you buddy, it’s all you.”

Now, I work at the very gym I signed up at. I have continued to take the principles Shane taught me and I have since applied the skills to training all by myself. God is my true strength and He has walked beside me all along. At 245 lbs now, I still am striving to succeed in the gym. The success I have had is all about accountability and the encouragement of people around me to do the work and do it well.”

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