Coaching Approach


My coaching approach and philosophy is based on scientific research and evidence-based methods that I’ve studied over the course of several years. I’ve also tried many different types of programs and approaches myself. This has led me to refine my approach, and adjust it for each of my clients based on their personal goals, physiology and lifestyle.

My approach has four pillars:



has to be addressed first to achieve any change in body composition. We all want to feel, perform, and look better. This is the product of not only our exercise but how we combine the quantity and quality of food we eat.

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Aerobic Conditioning

promotes the development of a strong heart, lungs, and central nervous system. It increases blood flow to the brain, muscles and other organs. It also reduces the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

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Strength Training

supports the development and maintenance of lean body mass and the structural integrity of bones and joints. Whether you want to climb a mountain, run a marathon, or bench press 450 pounds, weight training is important for everyone.

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Change must occur from within. However, it helps to have an objective perspective. Sometimes we get stuck and need direction or insight from another person. Motivation gives us purpose and inspiration to stay the course.

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