The greatest part of my job is speaking to groups, sharing my story, and helping others realize their potential.

At some point, all of us develop an idea of who or what we would like to become. We’ve had a concept of what we want from life. However, at points along the way we can lose sight of those ideals. Sometimes we allow things to distract or derail us. Over time those wants and dreams can fade, if we allow them to.

I know what life can be like without meaning or commitment. At points, all of us get stuck and lose our way. Some more than others. As human beings we are capable of extraordinary things. I would like to come talk to you about the scope and depth of the human potential.

I integrate current and relevant research from the fields of genetics, neuroscience, and behavioral sciences as they relate to the human experience and realizing our innate potential.

I have presented to a wide variety of settings, tailoring each presentation to reach your audience (whether high school students or senior level executives). We all share a common experience as humans, and we all have the same needs and wants. The aim with any engagement is the same; to promote personal growth, health and well being.


Rena Kirkland, Ph.D., Psychological Sciences Instructor, University of Northern Colorado

“I can honestly say that listening to Shane speak is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. It is difficult to convey how profoundly Shane touches each individual in the audience. His harrowing story of the years he was addicted to drugs and alcohol to his rise as an elite level triathlete is riveting and awe-inspiring; however, Shane’s true impact as a motivational speaker is his ability to penetrate the hearts of his audience. His uncanny gift for cultivating intimacy, even in large venues, allows Shane to break down barriers as he develops trust almost instantaneously during his presentations. Shane is exceedingly well informed about a wide range of psychological concepts and his acumen for conveying these concepts to a layperson is remarkable. Most poignantly, he provokes us to make a positive impact on the world around us. From seemingly insignificant moments to pivotal inflection points in our lives to, Shane inspires us how to reach our fullest potential.”

Sophie Mercuris, University of Colorado

“Shane Niemeyer came and spoke with our class about his remarkable journey from absolute rock bottom to a life of fulfillment and happiness. During his talk he wasn’t afraid to be real with us (the students) and he talked fully and confidently about his drug abuse and incarceration. I have friends who have struggled with drug addiction and Shane helped me let go of the pressure of trying to “cure” them because he explained how internal the struggle is for each person. Shane’s story was incredibly influential and will stick with me and provoke me to make good life choices more than any informational drug class. I plan to send his book, when it is published in March, to a good friend of mine and I think the retelling of Shane’s story could make a huge difference for struggling youth and understanding drug addiction.”

Caroline S. Conzelman, Ph.D., Associate Director and Faculty in Residence, Global Studies Academic Program, Program Director, Bolivia Global Seminar and Global Inquiry Bolivia, Instructor, Anthropology

“While we were studying the uses and abuses of illicit drugs in my CU anthropology class, Shane Niemeyer spoke with us about his personal odyssey of drug addiction, criminal conduct, doing time, and personal redemption. His candor was an inspiration to us all — for him to openly share some of his most agonizing and terrifying moments was an act of bravery we will not forget. My students were riveted by his testimony, and humbled by his perseverance. Shane’s story is one of agony and struggle, but it is also about awakening, and, ultimately, love.”

Tori Gray, Colorado State University

“Shane Niemeyer is truly an inspirational speaker. He started off with connecting with us and making an effort to know our names and where we were from which really put us on a personal level with Shane. He wasn’t worried about us judging him and didn’t leave out any dirty details from his experience as a drug addict, as hard as they may be to say. Hearing about how and what influenced him to become addicted, his time and experiences in jail, and how he eventually overcame this addiction was uplifting and moving. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to hear his story, there is definitely something to be learned from this brilliant man.”

Adi Stilger, University of Wisconsin

“When Shane Niemeyer came to our class and told his story I was awe inspired. I left the room with a new perspective on drugs and how they can take over someone’s life. He was an amazing speaker and very engaging.”

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“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche