Ironman World Championships

Dec 2010

“Five years ago, if [Niemeyer] had told the prison guards that he’d be here, they would’ve laughed.”

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Show

May 2013

“I thought to myself, I’ve got to have that guy on my show, because I love to hear stories of how people turn their lives around.” -Steve Harvey

outside television

Outside Television

Dec 22, 2014

Junky, addict, criminal these aren’t words you’d typically use to describe the world’s top triathletes. Shane Niemeyer turned his life around with the help of an Outside Magazine slipped under his prison door.


Babbitville Radio

Dec 9, 2014

Shane Niemeyer was a heroin addict and had been arrested 25 times. While in prison, he attempted to hang himself and failed. From that point on his life changed forever, and triathlon and the Ironman played a huge role. His story is unbelievable!



Inmate to Ironman: Shane Niemeyer’s story of redemption

Aug 3, 2014

Shane Niemeyer decided to become a triathlete when he was under arrest in a medical unit at the Ada County Jail in Boise, Idaho, days after a failed suicide attempt driven by heroin addiction and hopelessness.


The brand new Shane Niemeyer

Jul 18, 2014

Shane Niemeyer was a regular customer in prisons, addicted to drugs and suicidal, but triathlon has turned the life of this man around completely. He recently wrote a book called The Hurt Artist and you may bump into this hurt artist especially if you race in Colorado.


Former B-N resident goes from suicidal addict to Ironman

Jul 18, 2014

Former Bloomington resident Shane Niemeyer was born in Loveland, Colo., in 1975 but was reborn in the Ada County Jail in Boise, Idaho, on Oct. 23, 2003.


Ex-BN Resident Turns From Life Loser To Top Triathlete

June 25, 2014

A former Bloomington-Normal resident has written a book chronicling his shift from being a criminal and drug addict into one of the top Ironman Triathletes in the country.

850 KOA

From Suicidal Junkie to Ironman- Shane Niemeyer’s story

May 19, 2014

Shane Niemeyer stops by the studio to share his story that will be coming out in his new book, “The Hurt Artist”.

Outside Online

From Drug Addict to Ironman

May 18, 2014

“My past is my past. There are a lot of things I’m not proud of, but they happened. Going through the process with the writer, Gary Brozek, helped me examine my life in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Associated Press

Addict-turned-Ironman swims, bikes, runs from past

Dec 21, 2010

“‘It’s good to look back and think how human beings are capable of extraordinary things…But it goes both ways.’”