1. Have a Vision

imagesCASXPC54Seeing yourself as you want to be is the key to personal growth.
Without a sense of vision, life is empty and meaningless. A well-developed person has a keen sense of who they want to become. Our hopes and dreams provide a sense of purpose and meaning to our existence. They are the driving forces behind every accomplishment. Without a sense of direction we lose our sense of self. I will never forget the day I regained purpose and vision for my life. Until that day I was lost and hopeless.

We must continually evaluate who we are now in contrast with the concept of our ideal self. Life is an ongoing process of closing the gap between your current self and your ideal self. It is necessary to frequently question the value of our existence. If we are not continually evaluating ourselves we become stagnant.

2. Be Steadfast

12159156552fgmKQg1-300x191Most people give up what they want out of life because they give in to the moment.”
Once you have established who you want to become, your focus must be unwavering. As humans, we are easily influenced when we lack clarity of vision and purpose. We all know people who have surrendered their dreams. They allowed other situations or people to divert them from their true ambitions. Our lives are similar to ships adrift at sea. Without a sail or rudders they are governed by the prevailing winds. They lack direction and self determination, traveling wherever the wind blows them. It is an accidental way of life. Stake your claim and stay the course–through any adversity.

Our culture enables us to take the easy way out of everything. We live in a “now” society. It’s easy to sit in front of a monitor or television all day when you really should be working out. We have constructed a civilization predicated upon labor saving devices, consumption, and immediate gratification. All of our desires are a mouse click away. We are a fat country. Food is everywhere, and it’s cheap. It’s easy to eat when you should be restricting your consumption. This list is endless. Temptation surrounds us. Don’t give in to the moment.

Any successes I have had were because I did not give in to the moment–all my failures were precisely because I did. Accomplishment is synonymous with dedication and sacrifice. Success feels good because you sacrificed something somewhere along the way to reach your objective. Determine what you want from life. Let nothing stand in the way. Nothing.

3. Use Available Resources

imagesCAGODL4EWhen every physical and mental resource is focused, one’s power to solve a problem multiplies tremendously.
-Norman Vincent Peale
Seek out the people and resources which will carry you farther along the path you have chosen. You don’t know what you don’t know.
I remember the moment when I decided that I would train for Ironman. I was in a prison cell. I had just read an article about Dave Scott and the Ironman World Championship in Kona. I had never heard of triathlon. After reading that article I made up my mind that I would qualify and race the Ironman World Championships. In pursuit of my new found dream I moved to Boulder, Colorado as soon as I was able to. I realized that the window for athletic achievement is short. I wanted to be around the greatest athletes in the world.

When I arrived in Boulder I had no idea how to train for an Ironman. I surrounded myself with the top athletes in the sport. I focused intently on my training. I worked hard to save money for my races. I put forth all the effort required for success. After having been around some of the best minds in the sport–I have been able to progress race after race and season after season. Everything worthwhile comes with a cost.

You can only be as successful as the resources at your disposal. Immerse yourself completely in what you are doing.

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